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Something old, something new. A wedding ring made by you at Canary Blue

Something old, something new, a wedding ring made by you at Canary Blue. When it comes to rings there isn’t a great deal of choice in Cornwall. Not everyone wants the standard rings you can buy on the high street. Some want a standard ring you can buy on the high street but with more meaning than it just being one of many. At Canary Blue you and your partner can spend a day making your own. This is not as difficult as you may believe and we can guarantee you will have a fantastic time working alongside each other and Richard.

How does it work:

Up to one month before your workshop booking, you have a design appointment with Richard when you spend time discussing the metals that you can use and the design you would like. As long as it isn’t too complicated, you can add elements to your wedding band such as combining metals or creating different finishes. It is a complicated, specialist job for stones to be set into your ring, if this is something you would like to have done you will discuss what is possible in the initial design appointment.

On the workshop day, Richard explains the equipment and tools that you will be using and introduces you to your own workbench. From then on you are the jeweller and wholly responsible for making your wedding band but, don’t worry, Richard won’t let you mess up. Through his demonstration and clear instruction, by the end of the day your rings will look as good as any hand-made rings you could buy.

Your time in the workshop is not prescriptive – you are not in a lecture class, you are making your wedding rings under Richard’s guidance. The workshop is booked for your sole use from 10.30am through until 5pm with lunch provided around 1pm.

At the end of the day your finished rings cannot unfortunately go home with you as we have to send them off for hallmarking.  If you have asked for stones to be set, or for any engraving, this will also be done before you return to collect your rings a few days later.


If after your initial free appointment you would like to book a wedding ring workshop, the price for the day including Richard’s guidance, lunch and photos of your experience is £100 per person (plus precious metal to make the rings).

The precious metal cost is determined by the amount of gold needed to create your ring(s), we will be able to give you an accurate quote during your free consultation. We can also then talk about the possibility of re-using any of your special jewellery pieces to help make your new rings. The average metal price  for a pair of 9ct gold wedding rings is £400 (based on 9 grams of gold currently priced at £44.50 per gram). The average price for a pair of 18ct gold wedding rings is £820 (based on 10 grams of gold at £80 per gram for yellow gold, £83 per gram for white gold).

If you would like to make your rings in Silver, then the metal cost for a pair of rings is £100 in total.

Making your rings gives you both something that extra bit special and also a great time making them together.  For more information or why not pop into meet Richard next door to County Cream Bridal shop on Church Walk.