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Planning from 3,358 miles away

Planning your wedding can be difficult but when the bride and groom live overseas this can throw many complications into the planning. Insurance companies do not like to insure weddings if the couple live outside the UK, even if they have a family address in the UK. This can be got around by taking insurance out just for the wedding services and don’t include the couple. As long as your suppliers are UK based and are providing a service or equipment for a UK wedding venue, you can obtain insurance. Just ensure that you arrive in the UK in plenty of time for the wedding ceremony as they will not cover the couple for delayed or missed flights.

We have a huge amount of experience with planning weddings for overseas couples, our July wedding was a stunning wedding with so many extraordinary elements, it was a pleasure to plan and see the delighted looks on not only the guests faces but the couple themselves.

From flyovers, landing craft fireworks to ice sculpture, take a look at a wedding Perfect Preparation planned with a couple  3,358 miles away.

Paul & Kari’s Wedding with a bang