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Choosing the cake

Want a different idea for your wedding cake?
Not everyone likes cake and a really novel and eye catching idea is to have a Cheese cake for your wedding.  Cheese cakes are made up from whole assorted cheeses stacked in the same way as a traditional cake and then decorated with fruits.
Large or small wedding, you will be able to get appropriately sized cheeses to build the stack size you need for your wedding guests. Cheese is the perfect accompaniment to fruit cake too so if there are family and friends who you know would still love a bit of fruit cake, why not buy a simple fruit cake and serve with the sliced cheese, the cheese will look stunning and you don’t have the added expense of having to pay for a wedding fruit cake.
If you are on a tight budget use your Cheese cake as desert for your guest, the final course for your wedding meal will wow guests and people can help themselves, it will be a great talking point.

Photography by Khalile Siddiqui -
Cheese cake by Jamie Beetham -