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Nothing is impossible

Following a request from our Groom for fireworks at his wedding , and the many obstacles that were put in our way, Perfect Preparation, yet again proved that nothing is impossible. The venue doesn’t allow fireworks due to livestock being so close. The only option the venue have for couples is to hire the farmers field which is located behind the venue, this has a perfect location to fire from and still be a stunning display over the venue.  However even this was not to be as the farmer has his fields in crop and any display close to this could cause thousands of pounds in damage.

The groom understood the issues however this was one thing he really wanted so gave us the challenge “make it happen” - and we ensure our couples get what they want.

Working very closely with Tom from Celebration Pyrotechnics we finally came up with a plan a few months before the wedding and plans were put in place for this surprise. If you can’t fire on land, then the only place to go is the sea. We hired an Ex MOD landing craft that sailed into the bay loaded with an amazing display. Permission was granted by the Coastguard and the Military base close by for what was a stunning display that guests will never forget.

So if you are stuck with something you really want, don’t give up as there are always alternatives that sometimes can be even better than the original idea. This is only a short clip of the final 40 seconds of a 7 min display